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coos-bayAny time economic or personal injury occurs it might feel as though your life has unraveled at the fringes. If you’ve had a catastrophic event such as an accident, injury, or financial disaster the knowledgeable and devoted attorneys at Shlesinger & deVilleneuve will help you put the pieces back together. Unexpected events will happen and when they do it can leave an individual and their family feeling psychologically, physically, and economically ruined.

Since 1971 Shlesinger & deVilleneuve has supported thousands of Oregon residents through – what for many – felt like the lowest point in their lives. Our practice has been successful in supporting over 95% of our clients and securing the compensation they needed for a fresh start. Our entire team takes pride in helping our fellow Oregonians with getting their lives back on track. Our attorneys are committed to your welfare and will always make sure you are treated fairly and with respect. Our success rate speaks for itself – let us speak for you!

Managing all of life’s most difficult circumstance:

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Our Clients are always represented by the most dedicated attorneys in Oregon.

Each client represented by the law firm of Shlesinger & deVilleneuve is treated as though they are the only client we’re helping and each case is given the time and attention worthy of a million dollar case. Every member of our team is committed to connecting with our clients and getting to know who they are and what their story is.

We are a distinctive law firm in that we offer the closeness of a small practice with the resources and drive of a large firm that is more than willing and able to take on the big insurance companies in negotiations, mediations, arbitrations and trial! When you’re feeling helpless because of the tragedy of unavoidable circumstances – let us be in your corner!

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Personal Injury: if you’re struggling with physical, emotional, or monetary impairment because of an injury at the hands of someone else, we can help. For over forty years, we have protected the rights of our clients while fighting to obtain every cent they are entitled to!

Worker’s Compensation Benefits: If you’re hurt on the job and incapable of working, possibly indefinitely, you are eligible for worker’s compensation benefits. These benefits are intended to help with the costs of medical bills and lost wages. As an employee in Oregon, you pay a portion out of each paycheck into the fund so that you have these benefits should you need them. We have negotiated and settled more than 825 worker’s compensation cases last year alone.

Social Security Disability: Irreversible injuries and failing overall health can contribute to a decision of filing for social security disability benefits. More than 800 Oregonians were represented by our team last year in filing for benefits appealing administration decisions, and negotiating settlements.