Coos Bay Auto Accident Injury Attorneys

As reported in ODOT’s most current research, there were nearly 50,000 vehicle crashes statewide just last year; this means that more than 4,000 automobile accidents occur in Oregon on a monthly basis! Significantly more than half of these crashes result with moderate to extreme injuries, and sadly 305 of those resulted in death. Nobody gets in their vehicle each morning planning to have an accident, however, the truth is this occurs even to the most discerning drivers, and it could happen to you or someone that you care about. According to current data for 2013, the most typical reason behind vehicle accidents is ‘driver error’:

Failing to avoid non-moving and parked vehicles (rear-end)

Failing to yield right-of-way

Traveling at a high rate of speed

Driving too fast for conditions

Distracted operator: glancing at mobile phones, reading a map, eating

Incorrect lane change

Driver fatigue

DUII – driving under the influence of intoxicants

If you’ve been involved in a vehicle collision – even if the damage does not appear significant – you need to get in touch with a skilled personal injury lawyer as soon as practical. You could be facing growing medical expenses, lost earnings, long-term rehabilitation, pain, and suffering. Perhaps you are faced with a long-term disability, and the additional costs of continuous treatment are increasingly overwhelming. You could be and very likely are entitled to payment for these expenses and more. At Shlesinger & deVilleneuve, we believe in less talk more action.  We get the job done.  We are effective at getting settlements or judgments for 95% of our hurt clients; our team of highly rated legal professionals is dedicated to making certain you are awarded every bit of what you are due. We know exactly how to negotiate settlements that keep your best interest in mind. Let Shlesinger & deVilleneuve stand up for you when you are unable. Contact our office today to have your complimentary legal consult scheduled. Our fee for personal injury representation is always contingent on us getting you a settlement so you will not need to pay anything up front.