Coos Bay Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Oregon residents are serious about their bikes! With miles of coastline Coos Bay rivals even the city of Portland for being known as “bike-friendly.” However, the more bikes on the road the higher the chances are for bicycle accidents. Just last year, over 19,000 cyclists, were in accidents nationwide; nearly 16,000 were known to have minor injuries, but individuals in 3,000 of those accidents were seriously injured – or killed. Sadly, the most serious crashes and injuries that happen while riding a bike normally involve a car or truck, and when it comes to collisions between motor vehicles and bikes there is no question who is going to sustain more severe injuries. By far the most common bike accidents include:

Autos driving into the path of bicycles

Bicycles riding into the path of autos

Bicycles going off of the pavement and into the path of autos

Children riding bikes unsafely or riding too fast

Often times after an accident an individual doesn’t realize how serious they have been hurt – or, that they have been hurt at all! This is very true for bike accidents. Additionally, there’s no protection for cyclists, and that means that their back is especially exposed. This fragile area can be severely injured during an accident leading to a future of long-term pain and disability. Even though you might think that your accident was insignificant or your injuries minor, it is important that you consult with a lawyer soon after the crash.  At Shlesinger & deVilleneuve we will help you talk with the authorities, the driver of the vehicle, and the insurance adjuster to determine your very best course of action. The committed attorneys at Shlesinger & deVilleneuve are dedicated to negotiating a settlement that keeps you and your needs in mind. Contact our firm and we will get a free consultation scheduled. Our fee is always based on contingency so you won’t need to worry about paying us unless we win for you! Don’t wait until it’s too late… call us today.